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Forex Retracement Strategy

The Forex Retracement Strategy by Forex Probabilities is a low risk, high reward strategy that can pick and manage multiple trades and key levels, daily.  The strategy is simple;

  1. Look for Swings from High to Low, or Low to High that fall within a preset range.
  2. Place 2 Entry Limit orders at the preset retracement level of that swing. 
  3. Place Stop Limit and Profit Limit orders at preset levels relative to the entry price.

Entries can be filtered by; 

  1. Adjusting the strength of fractals in the swing, by controlling the number of candles to the left and to the right of the fractal.
  2. Using Close Price fractals or High/Low price fractals.
  3. Checking the Market Flow on the fractal time frame.
  4. Checking the Trend Bias on the same or higher time frame.
  5. Checking the MADC crossing on the same or higher time frame.
  6. Day of the Week, Time of Day. Predefine news events, or when to start and stop trading in advance.

Trades can be managed by;

  1. Setting Stop and Profit limits in advance.
  2. Allowing the strategy to move the stop to break even after price moves in favor of the trade.
  3. Using Trailing Stop.
  4. Trades may be managed manually without interfering with the strategy in operation. If you adjust the stops and limits put on by the program, simply open the strategy, adjust the stop to match the order and click "OK". It will automatically find and synchronize to the new order levels. 

Set on-screen alerts and email alerts for;

  1. Market Flow - Price crossing above/below the previous fractal level.
  2. MACD crossing over/under the Signal line.
  3. Trend Bias - Price crossing above/below the 8 EMA.
  4. Buy/Sell order level set, pattern detected.
  5. Buy/Sell orders placed.
  6. Trades opened, closed.
  7. Trading enabled, disabled. Disabled removes pending Entry orders and prevents new orders from being entered.
  8. When a timer disables trading, a warning is sent if trades are open so the trader can decide to close them or keep them open.

The Forex Retracement Strategy can be optimized for small stops of 6 to 12 pips. Offering the ability to get high Reward:Risk ratio trades from 2:1 to 6:1, or even higher!

The Forex Retracement Strategy only works with the FXCM fxTradingStation 2 platform.

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